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Toshiba m640 Optimus 310M drivers


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Hey everyone, I have this laptop with 310M and Optimus. Everything worked fine under the shipped version of windows, but due to all the Toshiba bloatware on it I reinstalled a clean copy of Windows 7 64b. I installed every driver that Toshiba provided on their website, except I cannot get anything to display in a higher resolution than 1024x720 and Optimus/Nvidia is not working at all. I have all the drivers installed as there are no exclamation points or anything in device manager, under the "Display Adapters" tab there are two cards: "Nvidia GeForce 310M" and "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I tried multiple different drivers and they all say no compatible hardware is installed or no Nvidia GPU attached. I was able to install some by manually locating drivers but still nothing works. I got Nvidia control panel to install but I cannot open it due to no attached GPU. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Possibly modding the INFs? I looked at some and they all listed the 310M but I don't have much experience modding drivers. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: I guess I spoke a little bit too soon. I tried installing the master Hybrid notebook drivers from a thread here and that installed and changed the Standard VGA to a random letter combination like %K10MudD or something. I then let Windows 7 find a driver for that and it installed the right Intel HD Graphics driver and now I can get in full resolution. Now I tried installing the latest NVIDIA driver and it installed right away without any issues. Now everything seems to be working with the Nvidia 310M but the Optimus tools don't say that it is in use. At least now the computer is working!

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