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Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go (16MB) Driver Problem


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I have an old laptop Satellite 2410 with the Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go 16MB video.

I had the driver version (4/19/2002) and just yesterday I updated from windows to version (4/7/2004). Now I have that black vertical strip along the right side of my screen. I use to have 1024x768 resolution now the screen is 969x768.

I have read about the black bar issue but have had no luck getting rid of it. I tried rolling back the driver but windows gave me the message that there was no previous driver. I downloaded the driver from Toshiba but if I try to install it and restart nothing happens it still show the black bar and version

The BIOS version is:

Can anyone help me fix this? I am not a tech guru so please bear with me.

Thanks in advance.

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are there any benefits in keeping the newer driver? if not, i would just roll back and use the old drivers. newer doesn't always mean better.

I don't know but if anyone can help me get rid of the black bar with the newer drivers that would be great.

I can't roll back if I try to install the previous driver and after a restart the newer one still shows up along with the black bar.

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try that, that should fix your problem.
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try that, that should fix your problem.

Thanks for the info. Can you tell me how use it or what I need to do?

I am not very technical when it comes this stuff.

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http://laptopvideo2go.com/enhancer under Issues and Fixes, it will generate a correct INF for you from Pieter's INF files.

Thanks, but I was able to get back to my oringinal drivers (4/19/2002). No black bar problem with this, but I can't view youtube videos but I can hear audio.

I tired installing the and I still had the black bar plus it won't let me go higher then 800x600. So I replaced the INF with Pieter's INF that I downloaded here but it won't let me install saying something like it does "... does not match my hardware profile"

What should my next steps be, what version to install? What settings should I choose using the enhancer tool?

Thanks again and sorry this is all new to me.

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I was able to remove all drivers and don't have any video drivers currently installed. I need help in figuring out which driver to choose.

I downloaded 93.71, will it work with my video card? Also regarding the INF Inhancer what settings do I have to choose?


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Guest Luiz Diaz

Hey i have the same Laptop that you have.. Its sooo old but i have rid of the bar and without uninstalling/installing drivers, Look i did this:

Right click in the Screen

Go to Configuration

you will notice that you have 2 screens One with the number 1 and the other with the number 2

In the number 1 screen go to Advanced Configuration

In the 2nd window the one with the name adaptador click on Properties

Now in the bar that is down below you will dishable that, Aply and Acept

That works for me, I dunno if it will help you. Bye!

PD: Sorry for the languaje im mexican :)

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