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Acer Aspire 8930g not willing to overclock....


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I'm trying to overclock my 9600m Gt 1Gb DDr2 but nothing works... with evga precision I can change the clocks but nothing really happens... Gpu z says the clocks have indeed changed but in fact nothing happend...

Also the Cpu isn't qeen on overclocking also... No program works..... tried throttlestop and so but still nothing.......

I know Acer has a new Bios out.. mine is v1.0 the latest is v1.20... but not sure If I should update as I'm not having problems with anything else....

Anybody knows what else I can try ???? Specially the gpu could use a little more juice....


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Guest shairo2004

likewise mate, trying also to do some overclocking using power strip but i can only do only on 2D but nothing happens on 3D.

i try also setfsb and it freeze my computer every time i set it. so i had to reboot again.

my bios version is v1.12 and no option to change on bios settings. I am not sure also if i should change it to v1.20.

hope someone can give us an idea...

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