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question about the w870cu with a 6970m

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I was wondering something, i've seen a review about the w870cu with a 6970m the following questions i have

we all know dell and clevo use there own bios for there brand laptops, physically a dell 6970m and a clevo 6970m are all exactly the same right? and the only difference being bios which would require to be the exact for the vendor system in order to work properly?

1) would it be possible to use a clevo 6970m in a dell laptop and vice versca, would i be able to at least boot and perform a bios mod from either clevo or dell to have it function correctly? there are no physical differences hardware wise what so ever and i'd have no issue at all correct?

2) i've seen the w870cu had it's heatsink dremeled from mxm's upgrade of it, i'm wondering first, since the 6970m is slightly longer is there enough room inside the w870cu to have it fit no problems, or was anything done to casing? also does the heatsink have to be dremmeled?

upon reading the review http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/W870.html

i believe in the end it turned out they had a bad card and replacing it worked fine what i'm wondering is, it will run with the stock psu on the laptop 120w unit? i have the non usb3.0 w870cu that won't be an issue correct?

basically i guess that's it, i'm willing to replace thermal pads on memory and replace adhesive i don't want to dremel the heatsink though and i'm wondering about how the bios would play from a differnet vendor say dell and also the power supply, it wont shut out yea? looking for in depth response from the folks at mxm thanks.

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