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Newer Driver issues...


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So I got a friends laptop here I am working on, and everything is pretty much good to go... EXCEPT the video card drivers!

Now to give some details here:

Averatec 2371

AMD TL-64 X2 - 2.2Ghx (upgrade from the 1.6gh x2 that was stock)

4GB DDR2-667 (upgrade from stock 1GB)

WD 320GB SATA2 HDD (upgrade from 120GB stock)

nVidia GeForce Go 6100 (the b**** card...)

So I tried the 6 latest 2xx drivers as well as the 27x ones, but they all have the same issue, when I am on the "adjust with image preview" page in the nVidia control panel after about 10sec either the image or the whole screen will glitch up, then turn off, it is unresponsive until I manually restart the laptop...

Now the 17x drivers that are installed from windows update dont have this issue... I can watch it all day, and do other things, no problem...

Has anyone had this experience and can maybe guide me to finding a semi-updated driver to be able to use?


(a small note, sans the updated GFX drivers, this thing is stupid nice, I did have to repaste the thing to get SUB 190F temps for GPU/CPU, but for the cheap costs he paid to update this, it was wiser then doing a full update!!!)

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