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looking for driver for vostro 3500


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looking for comptabile driver beside the offical old ones.


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Count me in. I wouldn't mind using old driver, but those 189 are unusable for me. Too much stability issues, some software won't run, especially new games. I hope someone skillful will modify new drivers for Vostro 3300/3500/3700, because it seems that Dell don't intend to do so...

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once it was the same in the vostro 1510, the current drivers in dell are the same they posted before three years, they don't bother to update the drivers, and it was that way until nvidia started to publish compatible drivers for m series it toke some time.

any way, the vostro 3500 belongs to my friend, we managed to put in there updated driver, i can't quite explain what we did, but i can say that we downloaded some of the packs in here, none of them agreed to be installed, i tried to add it manually using the browse option, and no luck, and then i tried to update the driver by the list, and i saw in the list the original driver and a newer one, i choose it, and now my friend claims the he have better performance...

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Well, I decided to remove my 32-bit Windows 7 and installed 64-bit version, because I couldn't find any working drivers for 32 bit version.

However, the situation with 64-bit seems to be the same. I tried several combinations. Everytime I added my HW ID to inf file I found somewhere in Display.Driver folder (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A75&SUBSYS_044E1028


- First I installed Intel driver (Win7Vista_64_152113), then installed Nvidia driver, which I found here on forum (270.61-notebook-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql). Intel was working, but when opened Nvidia control panel, the only item I could see was PhysX.

- Then I uninstalled Nvidia and tried NVIDIA_GEFORCE-GTX-460M_A01_R300038 from Dell (not for 310M, but I tried anyway). Control panel allowed me to change more GPU settings, but no resolution options. I could choose what application runs on Intel/Nvidia. When I connected HDMI I got black screen, because Intel isn't apparently wired to HDMI port. So windows was using Intel all the time.

- I tried to install official Dell drivers for Intel to see if Nvidia works better with it, but it didn't help.

-> the only drivers that are working for me: old 189.99 from Dell

Could somebody please tell me, which driver may work for me?


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