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hi.i need help.i have amilo m3438g and my grafic card is broken(nvidia 6800).I bought a new grafic card from alienware m5700 the same 6800 but only one letter is different: my old is gf-6800-p and new is gf-6800-p-b1.the problem is when i start my laptop everything works good only 1 minute when computer shut down.What can be the problem????Thank you!!!

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Guest quipster

Have you done everything to prevent overheating of the card, i.e. placed a copper shim between heatsink

and GPU-die (same size as recess in heatsink, approx o.6 mm thick) in combination with

good thermal paste (a.k.a. copper mod)?

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I think you have right. The 4 screws on new card is higher then on my old card.The diference is 1-2mm.

What i need to do?

To buy the cooper shim?

But i dont know where and if 0.6mm will be enough

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Guest quipster

Aluminum will also do, as it features roughly the same thermal conductivity.

The difference in temperature compared to copper would not be measurable.

Yeah, just take some aluminum, roughly 1 mm thick and cut out a rectangle

with the same size as the recess in the heatsink. Then round over the

edges with sanding paper. Apply thermal paste on both sides, put

the shim in and mount the heatsink onto the card.

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