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Installing a new Hybrid Graphic driver


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I know someone has done this,however a little more complex. Although I am only testing some display components. Not ready to do this yet.

Only few companies like BENQ do good,providing a little sample for upgrading. Because of some issues,I have blocked the IGD in order to boot Linux sometimes.

If you are not ready to use Linux, I can tell you how.

Hybrid graphic requires some special section after 186, For my current model,BENQ Joybook S42, It requires Section001 in vista,Section002 in Windows 7 from the official template. Single is 007 I tested this carefully, Progressive scan never be the problem,however wrong section causes hardware decoding problem when you try to play your HDTV-TS Stream.

So,how to to?

You possibly only replace the old NVIDIA driver since I do not think Intel is good,For Intel,just use original ones.

Follow the template,you only need to replace the NVIDIA Part,I think you are able to follow the details.

Why? It is due to different hardware switch problem from the author said. For Intel Part,I better not to modify it in order to switch the IGD back.

Also,study something carefully since Version number is very critical.

What's wrong with the sections?

I currently not test the functions yet,Once I'm ready,I will share my view afterwords.

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Guest ModularMIx

Thanks for sharing your information, I am learning to understand the structure for a Hybrid Graphic driver inf for Dell Vostro 3700.

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The_L_Function_Polar: I'm assuming you have read this thread:

Those instructions that pertain to driver signing are needed if you are working with non WHQL drivers, and if you are mixing and matching drivers from different releases (which you pretty much have to do because the official releases of the nvbridge_int.kmd are few and far between).

ModularMIx: For the latest stable hybrid drivers, I suggest you go with Andrew08's Nvidia 263.14 - Intel 2266. If the installer cannot find compatible hardware, have a go at modifying the inf to include your hardware specific details. AFAIK there are just 2 lines (or 3 if you want to nit pick) to edit. Clone the lines for an existing model in the inf that most closely resembles your own hardware, and edit these lines to suit your model.

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Guest ModularMix

T_L_F_P : Thanks for the advice. I looking into those drivers, and making progres, done already a couple tests with qood results. Im am fiddling with the sectors, I understand theire purpose,it comes down to find the sector wich mostly resembles my hardware platform with stock Dell Hybrid Grapic Drivers as a point to start from.

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