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Issue with gateway p-7805u and quake live


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For starters, I am on a gateway p-7805u with a nvidia geforce 9800m gts and currently running Dox Optimised 182.46 graphics drivers. Upon buying the laptop and beginning my first search for drivers, i learned that this computer can be iffy with drivers, and it definitely has been. the 182.46 driver is the only one i've ever ran that give me literally no graphics driver crashes. i've never had a problem with it crashed, and the performance seems fairly good too. my only problem is this: for certain games, quake live is the one i know the most but i can also get the setting on warsow, i end up seeing these horizontal falling lines (video example photo example sorry for iphone quality, lol) that simply leave me unable to play the game from the amount of stuff i simply can't see. i've tried updating to probably 10 or 15 other drivers, both official and unofficial (other dox drivers, for example), but i don't have a list of all that i've tried or the reason i didn't stick with them. Most of the would crash pretty frequently. In the end, i always fell back to my trusty old 182.46 drivers and dealt with not being able to play quake live.

So, here i am looking for advice on new drivers to try. I have lurked through the drivers thread located here in this subforum and tried many of the suggested drivers, but always running into one problem or another. I am here to start fresh and finally (hopefully) get to the bottom of this problem so i can play me some quake live without crashing! and i will start keeping a running list of the drivers i try and the reasons i don't use them anymore.

List of tried drivers:

-DOX optimised 182.46 drivers - WORK except for quake live stuff - always fall back to these

-Nvidia official 270.61 dirvers - worked for a day, even through some light gaming, then started through a brutal cycle of artifacts/freezing and eventually led me to uninstalling through safe mode. never again.

-nvidia 270.28 drivers- crashed immediately after the initial restart after installing.

-nvidia 270.61 + modified inf file from laptopvideo2go- same freezes and crashes after working for the firt hour or so.

-dox 185.68 - have the same problem as my dox 182.46 driver. lines on quake live. everything else seems identical to the 182.46 as far as performance goes, but i did crash once.

-185.68 + modified inf from laptopvideo2go - exact same as dox version. same lines on quake live, comparable performance to dox 182.46.

the only suggestion i've received so far that seems somewhat logical is that my 182.46 drivers might be leaving behind some file after uninstall (i've always done windows uninstall + driver sweeper) that mess with my other driver installs and cause them to crash. i have driver sweeper fully updated, i've tried uninstall/install in safe mode... nothing works.

also, another way i could solve this problem is by figuring out what about my 182.46 drivers causes those quake live problems. for example, i can run quake live in windowed mode without the lines, but in full screen they're always there. any idea what the difference there might be?

thanks for any help.

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great news! (if anyone cares, lol)

i decided to try dox 195.62 last night, and i have had no problems so far. i've played some quake live (without the lines yay) and some tf2 and had no crashes so far. wish me luck!

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