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The good old Go 6150


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We all already know it's not good. We all already know it's fairly defective.

Anyways I would like to ask some questions about the forceware drivers.

The Issue

Only the stock drivers and a few in the 156 series that can function properly. The problem is when I log on or off the screen in black for about 8-15 seconds then it continues fine after it. There is also this black screen pause when the resolution is being changed.

What I found out

When Aero OR Nvidia scaling is turned off the black screens do not happen regardless of what driver version you are using, but I like Aero and no scaling is not an option for me because I have to play games in very low resolutions as it is.

What I tried

I tried going through the INF files of the 156 series ones that work and putting things that sounded like it would fix it from one INF to the other (156.x > 275.33) That did not work at all.

Does anyone know how to edit the INF to make it so that this issue can be resolved? I hate using outdated drivers. Or is this issue not fixable from the INF?

Thanks for the read :)

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no replies... anyways the problem is in the driver itself. I combined like 156.x with 275.33 or something and it works without issues. nvldkkm.sys is the file that made newer drivers not work on my laptop.

If anyone cares Lol.

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