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Cannot OC 7950GTX memory clock. Could before...


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Ive got Dell XPS M1710 with 7950 GTX and T7400. I bought it with installed win7 and all drivers. Ive changed them many times, overclocked card etc. and all was working fine.

Than I reinstalled my OS...

Legal win7 home premium. First of all win havent even recognized a card insted used STANDARD AGP ADAPTER and 1280x800 max res... I couldnt install any NVIDIA drivers coz, i had no NVIDIA supported hardware! U can force windows to install NVIDIA drivers from its database but theres not 7950GTX drivers! Ive tried 7900GTX and it was fine. When ive installed nvidia drivers i had 7950GTX in win device manager. I tought everythings sorted...

And heres my problem. Default clocs are core 575 and memory 600. But i was running 630/750 or even higher fine. Now i can overclock just core clock to about 650 but memory clock seems to be locked.

I use ATI TOOL, as i used before reinstalling windows.

Ive tried DOX 195.62

DOX 185.85

NVIDIA 179.67

and its all same, can oc core, cant oc memory

when i change it to higher in ATI TOOL and click "SET CLOCKS" its just get back to 600 without any error or smth

Why is that?






I read my post and got an idea. Ive uninstalled drivers, got STANDART AGP ADAPTER, forced windows to install NVIDIA driver form its datebase, but not 7900GTX, 7950GT instead. First ive checked if its overclockable and it was.

Now i can OC clock and memory as well!! Please dont delete my topic, ive been looking a lot till i sorted STANDARD AGP ADAPTER issue(not recognizing my card by WIN 7), it might help somebody.

THX eighter, bye bye

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Have you tried RivaTuner?

Many have had success with that utility.

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It's outdated and not developed anymore. EVGA Precision, MSI Afterburner or NVidia System Tools do work better.

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