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TV-Out Problem with GF4200go


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this is strange when i use ftp://ftp.dell.com/video/R63305.EXE driver i can change to ntsc or pal and still get color but with modded inf i dont

What version drivers is this, so I can have a look and try to see if its an INF related item or driver.


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Guest Shameless

What kind of plug are you using for your Svideo out. Is it svideo to svideo or Svideo to rca . The reason I ask is I am running into the same problem but support from Toshiba says it's because of the plug i am using. Funny thing is I have use a SVideo to RCA for my desktop and other latops with no problems what so ever.


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I think that you should try forcing in the INF and/or Registry to output the correct format (NTSC or PAL) and what type of connection (composite or S-video).

When I have experienced this problem with certain drivers, it would show in color then revert back to black and white whenever I swiched resolutions or ran a movie(which usually swiches the resolution when you use video overlay for fullscreen playback) or something like that.

I think that atleast in my case since I always use S-video the problem is that it is switching back to composite output (not switching to PAL). If you use S-video out on a working driver then force it to do composite you should get black and white.

Now if you switch from NTSC to PAL (or vice versa) the picture should be completely messed up.

That is just my thoughts and if anyone knows specific registry settings to force S-video output I might reinstall one of the "problem" drivers and test it.

Here is what I get to help explain:

First off I'm in America and I have a 20 inch NTSC TV and it is pluged up with S-video in all of these shots.

In the first shot, it is normal, in the second one that is black and white, I switched it to composite output (I'm using S-video though), now the third shot is hard to see but I switched it to PAL and the picture was "jumping" on the screen (you can tell because the top part of the window is on the bottem of the screen).

1st picture:


2nd picture:


3rd picture:


Now I know the quality is bad but that is what you get if you take pictures of a CRT.

All of the pictures were taking using Dell's latest official drivers for my laptop. (42.58)

Whenever I get this black and white problem with newer drivers It looks like the second picture sometimes (not all of the time though).

Edit: If you can't see the pictures its photobucket's fault so don't complain to me.

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Activating this old thread because we have another user with the same problem. (Color s-video with the Dell drivers, B&W with modded inf.)

Has anyone ever solved this? Are people still experiencing problems with the latest drivers?


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I think it was determined to be forcing out NTSC when it should have been PAL or vice versa.

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If anybody else with an I8200 and a GF 440 go has issues they should try some 65.xx and definately the 66.xx drivers, I think every 66 driver I have tried has color TV out.

Also any other dell users should also try the 66 series.


P.S. Oh, and on drivers where I had that problem, forcing NTSC or vice versa never fixed the problem for me.

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