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WDDM 1.x hardware or software related


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Just fidding around with drivers 270.41 and 270.45 (making a modded INF I must post)

I noticed a post by Gwiz that both drivers are reporting WDDM 1.1 in DXDIAG so I thought I'd investigate this further.

I installed Win 8 on my trusty old Dell D820 with it's powerful Quadro NVS 120M (go7400)

And found both drivers reported back WDDM 1.0

So back to my desktop try both drivers on my GTX 470 and these both report WDDM 1.1

Now WDDM version is it controlled by the Hardware as 7000 series GPU = 1.0 and 400 series = 1.1 or software ie Win 8 is really only Win 7 with a higher build (as DXDIAG reports)

Is build 7989 not ready for WDDM 1.2 yet and reports back 1.1 as this is all it's capable of ?

Does anybody with a 500 series GPU get a different result ?

Can any one with a 600 series card send it to me to test :)

Your thoughts are welcomed

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Guest Diceman

WDDM version is irrespective of the Video card capabilities.

All that matters is the drivers are compiled to be WDDM 1.* compatible and that Windows has progressed enough to reflect the correct WDDM number.

All of the 270+ drivers so far compatible with 1.2

***** CNvLAdapter* %p -> DriverModel is 0x%x (%s) ****** WDDM 1.0 ÌÌÌWDDM 1.1 ÌÌÌWDDM 1.2 ÌÌÌD r i v e r M o d e l

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mobilenidia, thanks for taking the time to investigate the 1.1/1.2 WDDM confusion. I was going to look into it more this morning, but you beat me to it :). I did notice one other thing. If you try installing the original 270.41 driver (not the modded INF) using device manager, all the driver listing are WDDM 1.2. ::image attached::

Diceman, do you think WDDM 1.2 will have any performance benefits over 1.1? I also wonder when M$ is going to get around to upgrading windows.


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The MS naming of the GPU's with WDDM 1.2 is just text they added, I could any any text my self too

Still odd that the same driver with 2 different GPU's has 2 different WDDM for each GPU

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