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need help in overclocking


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hello ! i am new here and new to the world of overclocking .

see i have a very old system and dont have money to buy a new one. and everything is outdated motherboard , graphic card everything. so please dont say to buy new one.

i have nvidia ge force 5200 fx 256 mb graphic card bios - dac type - integrated ram dac driver version 175.16 driver release date 5/2/2008

p4 2.66 ghz , 1 gb ram.

ok so it supports pixel shader version 2. i want something either tweaking or overclocking so that it supports pixel shader 3. i am able to play halo 2 on my pc. but it runs very slowly and laggy. i used the swiftshader pixel shader 3 emulator but in that the game was running even slower than the original maybe because of low processor or ram and it did not utilized my graphic card at all. i have enough ram on my pc and card to play games like call of duty modern warfare , crysis . its pixel shader 3 that ruins everything. i tried to understand the threads given in faq but it just went over my head. so could some one please guide me..!! please i want to play halo 2. please !!

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Theres no way around it, you need a new graphics card to play modern games. (even a slower one would do)

If that laptop never had a Geforce 6 card available (even if it did I wouldn't bother upgrading), I would just get a cheap desktop graphics card.

If you have a desktop PC, you can get a Pixel Shader 3 card for under $20.

The lighting engine (hardware shader path) in the GF FX was very bad compared to any PS 3 card, you can't fix bad hardware that with an emulator. While an emulator in theory could help you run the games, you would need a very powerful PC for it to work fast enough. (core i7 territory with fast RAM interface)

Pentium 4 is also a joke compared to modern CPUs.

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