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asus n53sn & nvidia gt 560M/GTX 570M/GTX580M


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Will my asus n53sn support new card like nvidia gt 560M/GTX 570M/GTX580M? Now I have gt 550m ;/

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No it wont. Asus GPUs are either proprietary or soldered to the motherboard.

You should get an MSI like the gt660, gx640, gx680 etc all of these have upgrade potential.

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No thats not true. Read some reviews.

The gx640 is a freaking horrible laptop. So is the gx740. The gx660 and all the new 16" and 17" 16:9 laptops are AWESOME. Really good build.

However, that particular model may or may not be more powerful than the Asus laptop, if it has a 555m. The 555m and 550m are NOT cards with standard specifications like clockrates, memory bus, gddr type and even SP/ROPs. All different brands of this card in different laptops have vastly different performance.

The 460m is better. The msi gt683 has it I believe, as well as the BAREBONES of this laptop, the ms-16f2.

AND - MSI now has a laptop with the gtx 570m! A pretty amazing card. Its the gt780dx I believe.

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P. S. - Asus laptops use nonstandard cards when they are unsoldered, for the most part - but the g73jh has a fairly normal MXM 3.0 slot. Other cards HAVE been proven to work in this laptop.

Also, the Asus g60j has a non reversed MXM 2.1 slot.

The problem on both of these is that other cards wont fit the heatsink. Its worth noting however - the MXM 2.1 cards made for the g60j? They MIGHT work on other laptops. And they are close to type II size. One of them is a gts 360m gddr5, which is a newer card than any known MXM 2.1 card - unfortunately, it has no vBIOS, so you would have to add an EEPROM onto the board.

The Asus w90 and c90 use 100% standard MXM cards, and the c90 was recently modified and tested with a type III/HE card.

Anyway, back on topic - In general, only high end cards will be removable at all. Especially on todays market. The 555m happens to have been made in MXM for the AW m14x and the MSI laptop mentioned, but its about as low range as MXM goes.

Note that when I say low range, I don't mean low performance - There are many laptops with older cards that are MXM, but the WORST mxm 3.0 card I have ever seen is a 9600m GT or gt 130m, so if you have a card earlier in the series it cannot be MXM - unless your machine is very strange, like a all-in-one or HTPC.

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