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Acer Aspire 5710g 4650HD/9600M GT Upgrade


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Hi everyone.

I have an Acer Aspire 5710g laptop and now as you can guess its outdated.

Now i want to upgrade my cpu and gpu to play hd movies and modern games by the cheap way.

I will upgrade my t2450 to t7200. But the question is, will my updated gpu going to work?

I've found two graphics cards that i can buy.

Ati radeon HD 4650 and Nvidia 9600M GT

In thisarticle 5710G has a success on hd3650

What do you think?

Thanks in advance


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I've bought 9600m gt and t7200 and now i can play hd videos :)

gpu is working but at startup an error show up about mxm structure doesn't exist :)

I will try to update vbios but before doing that i have to cut a bit from the heatsink because of dc coil.


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I have done the bios mod.

Now the card runs at 500 core 1250 shader and 800 ram frequencies

And also made the 30 sec. fix

Installed driver version forceware 259.47



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Feel free to bump that 800mhz up to 900mhz for a little boost in performance.

Lucky you, you got a nice ddr3 card! I think thats an MSI card from the gx720/gx620/gx630. You can tell because vRAM has special coding on it to show what its rated for, and even on that exact model they might use Samsung 800mhz on some and 900mhz on others like yours :)


The indicator is at the end of that long string of letters and numbers after the dash. the number 11 designates 900mhz, 12 = 800mhz, 14 = 700mhz etc.

Nice pics!

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