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Quadro FX 570M After install 275.50 failed with installed 275.33, now I cant install any 260-270 versions


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I did a clean installed Windows 7 64bits, and installed 275.33 for my laptop with Quadro FX 570M. It was working (kinda, sometimes youtube goes blank when hardware acceleration is on).

Anyways, I tried to install 275.50 when it was available on Nvidia's website, but failed to do so.

Today, I found out there are new 275.65 here, tried to install, failed again.

Then I was suspicious whether I could install any new versions or revert back to previous versions, so I downloaded other 260 and 270 versions, all failed to install.

I later uninstalled the 275.33, then clean it up with "Driver Sweeper", still cant get other versions install.

Then later I found out I can install 258.96 (258.96_notebook_winvista_win7_64bit_international), so I thought perhaps I could try to give it a shot to install 275.33 again, but failed as well.

Here are some screenshots, hope that helps.

1. I delete all Nvidia drivers, that left VGA only


2. Just to make sure in "update driver", there is no more Nvidia drivers.


3. Tried to install 275.33 again, see there is no other version detected


4. But still failed


5. However, somehow the driver is installed (not sure if it is full).... weird


6. Clean again, and installed 258.96, success, I noticed that the installer of 258.96 is smaller than 260-270s....perhaps there are some difference make it installed.


I would like to know how to have a log file for the failed installation and I will do so to upload it...

Any help will be very appreciated !







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Don't bother with these newer drivers. There's something rly wrong witht them. I've been using Media Player Classic - Home Cinema and CoreAVC for CUDA GPU Acceleration of HD videos. With 258.96 everything works flawlessly even with Sharpening enabled and CPU running at 1.2 GHz... every driver after that makes the videos unwatchable and extremely laggy. Same s*** with HD videos in Flash.

I posted a detailed description here, still waiting for a reply, but I don't think they even give a damn:


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At least you can install and try them, I can't even get them installed now!!!

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Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion, I am using Avast too, and I DID turn it off when installing the drivers. I even tried to install it in the Safe mode, both no luck.

There must be some way to get some sort of logs as I could get in Linux ? (such as /var/log/......)

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Anyone having any success with the newest nVidia has to offer? 280.26?

Hmmm... I see that on the nvidia's forum where K4m1k4z3 also posted is having more, different issues on that driver set...

Something tells me support for this card is almost over...

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