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help!!!!!!! 580gtx 3gb and disabling powermizer in 266.58 drivers


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been told the 280.26 drivers arent worth much , thou i admit i tried them out they still have the same fault they downclock after a certain time of power gaming aka playing crysis with all high rez packs etc, btw got w7 ultimate x64

or even Prey on super high texture resolution

anyhow so ive heard the older drivers dont have that problem well , wrong!!, i tried the 266.85 drivers and i tried to disable powermizer with powermizer manager but after doing instant apply it wont change still the same crappy flickering and after playing Prey for about 30 min. i notice a huge drop in my framerate i check my desktop and what do i see

2d clocks!!!! -.-'

so powermizer is deffinitely not disabled ...help !!!!!!!!! now im back at 280.26 atm till somebody helps me out since i cant take this godawfull flicker powermizer creates ,

and with 280.26 i get this opengl error 8 wich never happened before with previous drivers and yes all new and old drivers i install are all with custom selection clean install!

help yall i beg ya !!!!

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its all good just tried a little something i reinstalled the 280.26 drivers and installed powermizer manager and applyd the disable downclock if overheating , well that did the trick

supposedly my cards bios thinks by 80 celcius my card is overheating, roflmao well thats that, peace

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