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Hello world! Question regarding 9600M drivers


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hey guys, I know there's a few versions of Hybrid drivers made by Nautis (SALUTE!) for this at http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/26409-hybrid-graphics-master-set-drivers/

started using it since around last year..

but I was wondering if there are any newer releases for the 9600M GT notebooks graphics card for BenQ S42? Nautis or not, I want to know if there's any out there?

Any replies would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Greetings from MALAYSIA by the way..

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I am also in search of drivers for the 9600M GT.

It is a in hybrid sli configuration with the 9100M (onboard vga)

Lastest drivers i run are 197.16.

The laptop is in perfect shape to play Battlefield 3 or Rage, but i can't update. Because when i do it will only run on the 9100M.

I gave up searching, but i think this is the place to get it done if it can be done.

Thanks in advance for the one that has a possible solution.

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