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I was wondering if anyone here had same problem with mxm-upgrade.com's delivery delay and silent treatment. I bought an ATI HD47670 from them on 15 this month and it still didn't get to me. Further more, and the think that upsets me most , they didn't bother to answer to my 3 e-mails, they just left me in the dark. I really don't know what to do anymore, should i consider the 200EURO i payed to them lost , or what??

Anyone who bought from them please tell me how did it work.


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Finally got an answer, after my post on this forum. I wonder if this is the more efficient way to communicate with mxm-upgrade owner/director....

Will post when i receive the board

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I was very busy , so i couldn't update my situation. So, i got the card, i installed, it works fine, just 1 problem. in bios it shows no info about it. I wonder if anyone knows how to solve that problem.

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Guest nrvenancio

Hello there,

if you folow this link: http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/5920G.html you'll see that probably your machine needs to have your bios upgraded, here is the instructions for a ACER ASPIRE 5920G (mine):

Update: we have tested the HD4670 and it runs fine *but* the bios needs to be updated to the latest revision. In addition, when we deliver the card, it is underclocked to 400MHz. We have already tried the card at it's maximum setting of 675MHz and it runs stable as well. A procedure on how to change your clocks can be found here.


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