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What exactly is the differance between older and newer drivers?


Old drivers contain less code and less support for newer cards. With the addition of bugfixes, enhancements, new features and support for newer cards bugs may lay within the code.


What is the difference in OEM (e.g. Dell, Toshiba, Sony) drivers compared to that of the drivers NVIDIA releases?


The main difference between an OEM driver and the NVIDIA drivers is the modifcation of the INF file. Also, when an OEM releases a driver a few other irrelevant files may appear (nvgfx.dll, the catalog file and any relevant help files). Otherwise the releases are the same. No other code is changed to allow for mobile support. This does not mean all drivers will work with your laptop. Mobile cards are technically the least supported pertaining to bug fixes due to issues that arise from various laptops.

OEM drivers can also be WHQL certified.


Why are modified drivers never WHQL certified?


Any minor change in the INF file results in an invalid check. Thus any modified driver will never be WHQL certified. You should then wait for any releases from the manufacturer of your laptop if this is of concern to you.


Why is the standby mode not working anymore?


Change the MAPOSD3toNV value in the INF from 3 to 2, but only for Pre FX cards (GF4 Go4xx)

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Why is ForceWare 61.71 dated 17.06.2004 and 61.80 16.06.2004?

This questions pops up on occasion. This can be applied in general but shall be easier to document with actual version numbers and dates.


The driver was built on the day the date that the files/INF states. The last number represents a minor revision or bug fix. 61.80 in this case does not include the bug fix that created 61.71. This fix may not be seen until 61.90 or later.

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Is there a more recent driver that supports my NVIDIA driven Laptop?

Is there a more recent driver that supports my NVIDIA Go card?

Is there a more recent driver that supports my GPU?

Is there a more recent driver that supports my %put in your Laptop manufacturer% laptop?

Is there a more recent driver than the one supplied with my Laptop?

Is there a more recent driver than %put in any version numer%?

Where can the drivers be downloaded?



We provide all and any NVIDIA graphic card drivers ever released or leaked beginning with driver version 4x.xx. These could be official NVIDIA drivers or inofficially ones.

All drivers can be downloaded from the appropiate driver version thread listed here:

- Release 80's

- Release 70's

- Release 60's

- Release 50's

- Release 40's and earlier

Or you can use the frontpage:


What is the best driver for my NVIDIA driven Laptop?

What is the best driver for my NVIDIA Go card?

What is the best driver that supports my GPU?

What is the best driver that supports my %put in your Laptop manufacturer% Laptop?

Which one is the fastest driver?

Which driver has the best Image Quality?

Which one is the most stable driver?

Which one is the driver which has best OC capabilities?

Which one is the best driver for %put in Game name%?

What is the recommended Forceware/Detonator to use with my Laptop? I need advice in what works best.


Do not ask "what's best" because this question cannot be answered objectively. Each and everyone has their own view about what's best in a certain areas. The best is what works best for you! So obviously there is no general answer on your question. Everybody has different priorities, needs and wishes.


A comprehensive guide of how to choose _YOUR_ best driver can be found in the official LV2Go Recommended Driver thread.

Old recommendation from Pieter:

Geforce2go/Quadro2go/Geforce4x0go/Geforce448/488go andQuadro4 500goGL.

These GPUs perform best with DX7 games and the following drivers work best for gaming.

If you don't play games then choose a 6x.xx/7x.xx driver for functionality.

Fastest 44.03

Speed and stability 44.68

Geforce4 4200go/Quadro4 700goGL/Geforce FX go5100-5650.

These GPUs are meant for DX9b, and perform best with the following drivers.

For best DX8.1 performance see above, fastest performance with 5x.xx drivers.

Fastest 53.03

Geforce FX go5700 and Quadro FX go1000.

These GPUs should only be used with 56.54+ drivers.

Speed and Stability 56.64 and 56.72

Geforce FX 6800go and Quadro FX go1400

These GPU's should only be used with 65.91+ drivers.

Speed and stability 67.02

Well I hope this helps in your choice of drivers.

Feel free to try others and report your findings in the forum.

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I've tried downloading drivers from here, but my Operating System just WON'T detect my NVIDIA card. I selected "Scan hard disk" and "Include this folder" where i extracted all the relevant files, but the end message is always the same : Could not find any software compatibel with your current adapter.

My adapter is a Geforce %put in any NVIDIA Go card%.

Why does your drivers do NOT support NVIDIA Go cards?

Which driver do support my NVIDIA Go card?


You can use any driver we host in combination with Pieter's mobile INF, which offers support for all NVIDIA Go cards.

Means you also need to download Pieter's mobile INF that goes with the driver. Add it to the folder where you've extracted the driver files and you should be good to go.

Basically it's a 4 step process:

1. Choose which driver you want to install, then download it from here and extract it

2. Replace the original INF (or delete any of the *.INF files) found in the driver with the appropiate version of Pieter's mobile INF

3. Uninstall old driver with Add/Remove Software Control Panel. Reboot.

4. Install new driver with HaveDisk method (like most other drivers). Reboot.


The detailed description of the "Have Disk" method can be found HERE

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