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Before i discuss my problem, let me start off by saying I have new worked with drivers before. The VGA I use is the GTX 570m on the MSI GT780DXR 095US, and I use windows 7 64bit. I am having a massive headache trying to install the updated drivers for my card. http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/11997-have-disk-method-for-windows-7-vista/ I follow these steps word for word up to where you select "have disk". When I get to this step, both the "standard vga graphics adapter" and my card are listed on the page. I try to follow what is shown and click the adapter first, but every time it says either the file can not be found or I do something different and when I restart my pc it says I don't have a vga or that is is not available, and I have to roll it back. If anyone has tips or suggestions please let me know, as I am a complete "noob" at this, have no idea what I am doing, and would really really like to be able to play BF3 tomorrow.

PS : It should be noted that after I do the "have disk" stuff and go to select my card, it never gives me the option to install, just says the file cannot be found. If I select my card first, it messes up my screen resolution and upon restart it says my card is not working properly or not installed. And again please forgive my "noobness"

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Also it says my current driver version is

Please help, I want to be able to play new games

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