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can you upgrade a GT 555M by flashing it?


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I bought a Lenovo Y570 and it was delivered Tuesday night. I also bought a 120GB mSATA OCZ SSD for my OS disk and keeping the 750GB for storage. As always, when I get a new laptop, I reformat and get the newest drivers from the source (intel, nvidia, etc). That's when I found out that there are a couple of different versions of the GT 555M

Versions (ordered by performance)

  1. 144 cores 709MHz (GF106), 128Bit GDDR5 z.B. MSI GX780
  2. 144 cores 590MHz (GF106), 192Bit DDR3 z.B. Dell XPS 17, Alienware M14x
  3. 144 cores 590MHz (GF106), 128Bit DDR3 z.B. Schenker XMG A501 / A701 (Clevo W150HRM / W170HN)
  4. 96 cores 753MHz (GF108), 128Bit GDDR5 z.B. Lenovo Y570p / Y560p

I remember back when I had my Dell XPS M170 laptop that you can flash the graphics card BIOS to overclock it, and sometimes unlock certain features in certain models. I was wondering if anyone had any input on flashing the GT 555 on the Lenovo to match the Dell or MSI.

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your's has a different core. i dont think you'll be able to unlock anything.

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