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NVIDIA Linux driver 290.06


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* Added support for the following GPU: GeForce GTX 460 SE v2

* Fixed a bug that would cause applications which export custom allocation functions to our driver (such as Adobe Flash in Firefox or Chrome) to crash.

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I feel a Windoze version coming soon and some new 600's ?

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The latest official info, no word on driver branch though...

NVIDIA 285.62 WHQL No Video in Windows Media Center 285.62 windows media center no video

It is not fixed in driver 285.69. It was fixed in a later driver. I am really sorry for this bug. It was caused by a last minute bug fix that was checked in that shouldn't have been allowed in and as a result, wasn't properly tested. We have made corrections to our process so that this does not occur again in the future. The fix will be in an updated beta driver that will be released later this month.

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Damn you linux users! I need that anti-crash fix for firefox for my Windows 7 64bit Professional! I'm fed up with my computer suddenly blank-screening then either one of two outcomes (screen comes back and a pop-up saying nvidia driver crash / complete pc automatic restart). I even reformatted my entire pc and reset the bios and only the few programs i was currently using plus drivers and the bug came back! The bug just attacked me about 5mins ago! Now i definately know the culprit and i'm waiting for the windows version vervently.

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News from official NVIDIA forum

Our next driver is not that far off. It will include fixes for BF3 and and the upcoming game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Expect this driver sometime in the middle of November.

I just got a recent slide from November 1st, it still says 2012 for Kepler


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