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Windows 7 / Uniwill 259-EN3 / 9600M GT Driver snags


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Evening Guys & Gals,

finished installing both my home PCs and the above laptop with Win7. Next job was to install a driver and inf for for my modified (thanks Quipster) and beloved lappy, however I've now tried 3 (258.36, 258.58 & 280.19) drivers and they've all given the same out come.

I'm using the "Have disc" method for installing the driver and inf, however, instead of the triumphant "your software has been installed" window, I keep getting:

"Windows encountered a problem installing your device".

"Windows found the driver software for your device but encountered an error whilt attempting to install it".

"Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT / GeForce 220M GT".

"The system cannot find the specified file".

Any feedback to this query will be gratefully received.



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I've now tried 275.50, 270.61 with the same result as above.

Additionally I've tried using the setup.exe to start the ball rolling with the above drivers but have had no success either. Screen shot below.

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I thought I would close this post, hold my hands up and take all the abuse and jeering a plonker should!

The reason for all the drivers failing was extemely simple, I hadn't put the mod'd inf into the correct folder. I had only moved it in to the main "driver" folder and not the "display driver" subfolder.

Simple mistake by a simple man!

Here endeth the lesson, many thanks to Quipster again.


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