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Windows XP modded INFs


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What could possibly be a last gasp effort.

Who here would like to see Windows XP modded INFs back ?

If you are one who would, then reply back here

Should interest show, I'll remake a complete new version.

Now is your chance, step up and be counted :)

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Hi there mobilenvidia,

I'm still using XP as my primary OS, and been having to mod all the INFs myself.

Ever so often (in various forums including Lv2go) I see requests for XP modded INFs. May I suggest that you start creating at least one INF at the beginning of each new major branch, i.e. r275, r280, r285, r290, etc. We can refer people to those INFs which will most likely be compatible with each driver in their respective series.


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Guest StepOne

That would be great ! nvidia seems to have stopped support for the 8600M GT under XP, while Vista/7 do get the updates.

Rage is really buggy without 285+, due to the widespread streaming textures problem of ID Tech 5!

I'm still using XP because I just launch it to play Windows-only games. Win is no longer my primary OS, and I don't need the bells and whistles of 7 (nor the extra gigabytes) just to play games!

So, yep, that would definitely be welcomed :)

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Well then, I'd better get modding then as there are still a few folk with XP

First mod will be hardest, then should get easier

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Thanks pal. :banana1:

It was only recently that WIn7 challenged XP in percentage of world usage. Reason being, there are hardly any devices that are shipped with Windows XP these days. But no doubt there are still a lot of die hards sticking with XP on their older notebooks or custom built machines.

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Thanks, buddy!

Looking forward for the 290.36 Release for my 9400M.

Hope it helps for Skyrim

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Guest gypsy one


Im looking for GT555M XP driver...

270.61 includes 555M thats nvdm.inf but it is'nt works.

and device id is different with inf and device manager.

It is DEV_0DCE&SUBSYS_20A61B0A in my PC.

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You always can try to edit the id string according to your hardware. Sometimes it works, sometimes not...

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