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ATI Switchable Graphics Install Guide


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This guide is only applicable for my hacked mobility catalyst driver releases only.

My driver releases are only for Windows 7 x64.

I make two hacked switchable graphics build, one is for ATI + Intel 4 series and the other is for ATI + Intel HD.

Make sure you choose the right build for your system.

This method requires that you boot and run windows in Testmode and turn UAC OFF.

To run TESTMODE ON follow instructions HERE

You will also require driver signiture enforcement overrider tool which can be downloaded HERE

Uninstall and Install guide:

  1. Go to control panel and run ATI install manager to uninstall current ATI drivers (choose express uninstall - screen will feeeze for a min so do NOT worry)
  2. Note that you do not have to uninstall the intel drivers as the ATI installer will do that for you (this is due to switchable graphics technology)
  3. Reboot when prompted
  4. Reboot into safe mode and run driver cleaner or whatever you use if you want to (OPTIONAL)
  5. When back in windows install my hacked drivers
  6. When asked if you want to install unsigned drivers click YES.
  7. The screen will go back and flash on and off a few times and may freeze for a min - this is normal
  8. after install you may get a message saying NO AMD GRAPHICS DRIVER INSTALLED ETC - this is normal - click ok.
  9. reboot.
  10. when back up and running run driver signiture overrider as admin (right click and run as admin)
  11. MAKE SURE UAC IS OFF BEFORE running driver signiture overrider tool.
  12. select sign a driver file and sign these files ONE at a time:
  13. C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\atikmpag.sys
  14. NOTE if your drive is NOT C:\ just replace C:\ with your driver letter :)
  15. reboot and should work as normal!

This works for me, hope it works for you!

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