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Like so many others my problems started when i decided to get an HP laptop.... I have an AMD turion 64x2 mobile with an Nvidia GeForce Go 6150... Now, it had to have vista instaled because for some strange reason HP refuses to have anything to do with xp nowadays... Well it's their prerogative to wish we run whatever windows they want and it's ours to run whatever windows we want and since i'am one of the vast majority who thinks xp is the best operating system around i only run....xp obvious.

The problem is the Nvidia graphics driver, all the new (or good) games refuse to work giving me an "Faild to compile global shader" error because the driver is to old..

I don't wanna switch to vista or any other windows but i do want to update the driver since i can't play anything after 2007 with it..

Now even if i don't understand HP refusal to update xp drivers that's not really why i got the laptop...i got it for the great Nvidia card which is the only one who doesnt work right because of the old driver. I hope u guys can help me on this one..

Last update that works for xp: 86.02-2008

DEV_ID : 0244

SUBSYS_ID : 30B7103C

VIDEO BIOS version : v5.

VIDEO BIOS date : 12/07/06

Laptop Brand : Hewlett-Packard

Laptop Model : HP Pavilion dv9000 (GA361UA#ABA)


VIDEO RAM : 512.0 MB

LCD Resolution : 1440 x 900 pixels (native)

LCD display size : " 3700 x 2300mm (approximately 17.2")"

internal LCD name : LPLA002

SYSTEM BIOS version : HPQOEM - 6040000\0PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.1 \0Ver 1.00PARTTBL\0\0

SYSTEM BIOS date : 03/22/10


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