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Sony Vaio vgn-ar49g Nvidia GeForce 8600m GT Display Driver for Windows 7 Pro


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I have a Sony Vaio vgn-ar49g, it originally came with Windows Vista but I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. My display driver is a nVidia GeForce 8600m GT. The driver that I currently have is from 2007, and I was trying to get an upgrade but whatever I tried it didn't work. I tried all of the common things: updating from device manager, updating with nvidia drivers and also tried to find a sony vaio driver update but with no success. I also tried and read some of the issues other sony vaio users had on this forum but none of the ones I found worked for me, it was either that it was saying that the driver is up to date or that it didn't find hardware for that driver.

If anyone has the same graphic card and/or knows what to do please let me know, I would really like to upgrade the driver.

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Thank's, I appreciate it very much. Some of the thing work better now, but I must say for anybody who might be searching for the same solution, that I have tested it and for some reason it does slow the computer performance for some reason. It is nice to have a never driver, especially because I didn't find it but if anybody finds something newer and hopefully better I think they should post it here.

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259.47 is the highest WHQL driver on MS Update that has a nv_whql.inf to support most old neglected graphics cards BUT I did not give you this link because the brighness controls do not work like the do with 257.41

You can give it a try

259.47 x86: http://download.wind...6c43d908c63.cab

Here is a list of all drivers that should have support for your card


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Thanks, I will try them and if I find anything new I will post it here.

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257.41 from MS Update works perfect

This is the only solution I have found so far to upgrading an obsolete Sony / Nvidia video driver. Everything else has failed, including modifying the inf files (maybe user error, but I did follow the directions).

This update may not be the most current one, but it's at least dated year 2010 so it will include Windows 7. Sony does not care if you are still on a 4-year old driver. Their solution is "buy a new laptop." My solution is "go Google it."

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