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GeForce GO 6600 & Windows 7 Ultimate - Black Screen


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Hi, Have a SAMSUNG M70 Laptop with a Geforce GO 6600 in it, Running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit

Using it with the Crap Standard SVGA Driver

Cannot find a GeForce driver & ,inf that works - Installed 12 Drivers and .Infs over the last 2 Days, Always getting a Black Screen on Reboot, loads up until final windows screen,

Very confused as in the FAQS it says must load 70 series drivers or higher for geforce 6xxxxx cards byet the drivers are numbered 186.62 or 270.61??????

Also why the missing infs on some drivers and why do i have to download loads of drivers why not use the latest driver and just paste bin a modded inf???????

Tried release numbers:






186.10 no inf not tried as no inf

190.73 no inf not tried as no inf

I have to then go into safe mode to roll back to the SVGA driver to get working again.

Can somebody point me to the correct driver and inf. or to one that just works.

I am about to throw my laptop on the fire!!!

Many thanks

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I have a Dell with a Go 6800, I am currently using the 290.36 drivers

and they are working fine.

I download the drivers, unzip them, then download the modded inf, into the

driver folder of the new drivers, which it ask you to replace the existing file and select yes.

Go to the new driver folder and click on setup, and let it install the drivers.

That is all I do for my 6800 Go, and it restarts with the new drivers working fine with Windows 7

that I have installed.

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Hi many thanks for trying to help.

Tried this driver with a clean install and the modded inf pasted in. Even used Driver Cleaner Pro to clear out old drivers. Still the Black Screen on reboot, again back to the crap standard SVGA.

My Samsung M70 (19") Screen and GeForce Go 6600 must be way different from your Dell. I trust there is a driver that works with windows 7 - which one?

PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0148&SUBSYS_C022144D&REV_A2\4&2EA1EA0C&0&0008

Please can anybody else help!!

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That's the problem as you use new drivers/updated OS with old hardware as the "official" support for your ID/Subsys seems to stop on XP/Vista and 180.70 drivers. After that it's purely guesswork if anything works. Usually does but you may be unlucky.

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Thanks for the reply, will continue guessing - Or hoping to find help from someone who had with the same black screen problem with similar old hardware.


PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0148&SUBSYS_C022144D&REV_A2\4&2EA1EA0C&0&0008

Please can anybody else help!!

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Hii... I have GFGo 6600 with 64mb on my old Toshiba Satellite M40...:-)..

There are some bugs that I found on all nvidia driver(since VistaX86-W7X86) including 280.xx, 290.xx, when they're installed on my laptop :

  1. black screen after system wake up from sleep (I must force to shutdown and turn on my laptop again)
  2. some times desktop resolutions not revert back correctly after system wake up from sleep (on some drivers)
  3. screen not fully turn off after we manage windows to turn off screen after x minutes (bugs gone after we updating windows..)
  4. cooling fan running on full speed after system wake up from sleep (bugs gone after : change setting on control panel-power options-advanced settings-processor power management-system cooling policy-(change the value and then revert back to default value))

After some trial, I found some drivers that works on my laptop : 197.16,198.05, 275.33, 275.50, these drivers works perfectly (except bug no.4 still there).

I don't know all that bugs come from nvidia or microsoft... and I'm very disappointed,because until know that bugs still there...

Maybe other user can solve that bugs??? (mobile_nvidia or the other veterans...)

Finally, I hope this can help the others who have some problem when installing W7 on GFGo6600...

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Hi, Thank you very much for your help

Tried the 197.16 190.62 275.33 275.50 drivers with the modded .inf.

Same problem of black screen after the Starting Windows screen. (Even the Startup Sound Plays)

Seems my Samsung M70 with GF go 6600 128 is different to your Toshiba.

Maybe my driver is working? - I remember CRT Monitor problems back in the old days when you set the Refresh Rate too high.- the monitors would load up black - drop the refresh in safe mode and OK again, Better monitors could take higher refresh rates - not sure whether LCD is similar?

Best regards

Still trying to resolve!

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