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D-link DWA-547

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I just found this great forum that probably will help me solve my problem.

Well, i have a D-link DWA-547 pci-card that i use for WLAN. As some of you know d-link are not updating the drivers anymore, i recently found out that it is an atheros chip. The problem i had before was that my computer froze from time to time which apperently had to do with the drivers for wlan-card. This was fixed with atheros driver v9.2.0.105.

A couple of weeks ago i started getting my wifi disconnected from time to time, tried everything except changing drivers because i didnt want the freezes to come back. Anyhow i changed to drivers today to atheros driver v921470. I guess the drops went away but now i get some weird speed-drops instead, when i play games a get ms-drops from 70ms to about 900ms.

So now im using v9.2.0.105 with modded inf and hopefully all the problems will be gone. I guess im about to see.


  • What are the most stable drivers for this crappy wireless card? I just want to be able to use the internetz without getting disconnects or too slow speeds.
  • How exactly do you use the modded inf? I just downloaded the original driver and then copy and pasted the inf to the driver-map of the originals.
  • I cant seem to be able to install some drivers because they have no setup.exe. When i try doing it through the control panel i only get "The newest update is already installed".

Info: Windows 7 and a Linksys WRT320N as router.

If this cant be solved im so gonna go back to cable even if it means dragging the damn cable across the house...

Kinds regards.

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