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flickering lines in videos


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I got a Nvidia Geforce 330 M GT on a Sony VAIO VPCCW2S1E, running Win7 x64 Home Premium.

when I watch videos on my notebook, I see weird, transparent, flickering lines. they're horizontal and perhaps a little bit skewed (it's very hard to see, and they only appear for a very brief time)

This issue appears when the camera in videos is moving somewhat fast. When the camera is standing still again, the lines will disappear.

The lines always appear in the same area, in the top of my screen, about 10% screen size below the edge of my screen (when I watch in full-screen mode).

it happens with all video playback software, windows media player, vlc, media player classic, etc.

I also tried different drivers, 29x, 28x 26x, but it happens in all of them. Of course I used "clean install" for the drivers.

in VLC I tried to disable the following options, which are enabled by default:

Accelerated video output (Overlay).Used hardware YUV->RGB conversions.Window decorations

... didnt help

But there was one thing that helped: setting the Video Output to "DirectX (Direct Draw) Output".

If I do this, VLC will disable Windows Aero, but the Video Playback will be fine - no annoying lines.

any other output mode however will have that line issue, or is not suitable for serious video playback.

Nevertheless, I'm still trying to find a better solution. Changing to Aero Theme all the time is very annoying.

Today I downloaded the official Driver for My Laptop, which is a damn old 188.67 driver.

Everything is ok with that official sony vaio driver, but since I play a lot of video games, I want to use the latest Nvidia Drivers and watch videos at best quality, without noise.

Can you please help me to fix the problem?

many thanks in advance

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doesn't have anyone any idea? :(

I hate laptop drivers. been through 4 different brands now, and everywhere is the same sh****

... official graphic drivers always as old as the manufacturing date of the laptop, never updated.


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I just found out that this issue seems to be related to nvidia system settings.

The problem is, settings just take into effect after I reboot windows, even though the nvidia config doesn't ask me to reboot.

If select to let the 3D application decide which options to use, everything works fine.

However, I need to tune my GPU performance for games, since laptop GPU's are weak anyway,

therefor I need to find the setting which is causing the issue.

If I set all settings manually, to the performance setting, I will have the video flickering problem.

Same thing happens if I use the preset slider, on performance preset.

Do you have any suggestions, which of the individual settings could cause my video problems? (antialiasing, anisotrope filtering, triple buffer, power mode, buffer, texture filtering, vsync, lod-bias, threaded optimazation, etc.) ?

testing all settings manually will take ages since I'll have to reboot all the time

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