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Driver to optimize Quadro FX 570M for gaming?


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Hey there, I'm looking for a driver to get the best performance on my FX 570M.

My hardware is:

Fujitsu-Siemens Celsius H250

nVidia Quadro FX 570M (can't tell the current driver probably a old one)

Windows XP Pro SP3

I searched on the nVidia website but all I found was a 1 year old driver (266.58), the others drivers for this card being for vista/seven computers..

So here comes my questions :

1) Is there any recent drivers for my card, working on XP that I could use?

2) Can I use drivers made for 8600M (which is very similar to FX 570M) on this computer, could this give me a better performance?


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seems to be the latest driver with a modified inf which you need to use. So any of our drivers with a modified inf should work. A mobile Quadro doesn't differ too much from it's laptop counterpart in gaming performance - I did notice a 1-2 % now and then with my Fx 1600M. So it's just testing time.

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Thanks, but the FX 570M isn't in the list, won't that be an issue?

I'll try it anyway!

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