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Tue., Jan 24: NVidia says R290 drivers will be ending soon, Yippee!!?


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Today over in the NVidia forums ManuelG (forum moderator) said:

"As R290 drivers will be ending soon, we would like to have final feedback for this driver branch. Please if you have not done so, please fill out the feedback form below to provide feedback on our R290.36 and R290.53 drivers."

He made that comment in the early morning and signed off for the day in the late afternoon.

Previously he has said NVidia prefers to release drivers early in the week rather than late in the week.

The immediate future seems more predictable right now.

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sounds good

we will wait "3xx.xx" series driver with modded inf for older cards

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NVIDIA said next drivers likely to come in January, so the beginning of the week leaves what, the very last day of the month? XD

For just another BETA nonetheless.. (not that I mind BETA, but users are disappointed with the lack of WHQL releases)

Here is a link to the survey, I would encourage anyone to fill it out (if you think it helps).


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I thought the new drivers would be out quicker. They probably are trying to squash as many bugs as possible before letting it out the door. Maybe it's because of the FXAA that we see in driver 295.18. I hope the FXAA is in whatever they release. It'll be a new driver branch. A Beta driver is always released first to get the new stuff to us ASAP.

1st Beta driver of a new driver branch has the newest improvements and major enhancements and most new things overall.

This is the one I always like best.

2nd driver of the driver branch might be another Beta driver with a few more bug fixes above the last one or it might be a WHQL driver.

WHQL drivers only have a few minor bug fixes above what the Beta drivers preceeding it offered.

Since there's not much change in it I can't ever get very enthused about the WHQL drivers.

People get all warm and fuzzy about them if they don't know that the only difference is that Microsoft glanced at NVidia's test reports that they run on all Beta drivers, ran no tests of their own, and accepted a payment for having glanced at the test reports.

A WHQL driver is "late-getting-to-the-party" driver so ho hum, yawn...........

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