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i have learned no driver is best for all so i have been trying to figure out this forum to find the drivers that will allow me to play games best i have nvidea 7150m/630 can u direct me to the section i should be or give me those gameing drivers please

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If your on Windows 7 x64 I use the 179.48 beta driver since it's the ONLY driver that works. I used powerstrip to push the clock from 425Mhz to 555Mhz and it's totally stable and I went from 9fps on Modern Warfare 2 to about 10-75fps (avg 25fps). That's with some tweaking but it ran really great! Just mod your laptop's underside to remove the fins blocking the fan or use a soldering iron like i did to remove all the plastic blocking the fan. I had about 40*C temp drops and now I run stable at 65*C on the gpu overclocked at 555Mhz. Make sure you turn off Powermizer while on AC. Go to Start-Run regedit to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\ and right click on Video and click export to c:\ as whatever filename u want as a backup. Then press the + by all the random numbered keys. Then open all the 0000's until you find the one with the most stuff in it. Then scroll to the bottom where PerfLevelSrc is and double click and change that value from 3333 to 3322 then restart. That keeps full 3d clocks on AC power and will keep the low speed clocks while on battery. It really helps!


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