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The release notes for driver 296.10 mentioned that the driver "is a recommended upgrade for all GeForce users, especially those playing the latest hot PC games like....." and then it mentioned "Blacklight: Retribution", said the driver boosted its performance up to 1.8x, and I was wondering what the game was because I've never heard of it so I had to check it out.

It's kind of a pleasant surprise. It's a first-person-shooter type game along the lines of Call of Duty and Halo and Unreal Tournament and runs on the Unreal engine. The most interesting thing that makes it stand out from those other games is that you can play it in DirectX 11 with Extreme Tessellation and with the MLAA (Morphological Anti-aliasing) built into the game and the MLAA seems to perform just as well for NVidia cards as NVidia's FXAA. I did not expect to see those graphics features perform so well in a fast-paced shooter game. Drivers have come a long way.

Blacklight Retribution is in Open Beta at this time and has been for a couple of weeks. It's free, runs well, and it's interesting. The release date of the finished game is April 3, 2012. You can check out the game info and grab it over here: http://blacklight.perfectworld.com/

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