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We have a lot of new drivers today. Ones that are going to require using a modified inf file. In browsing various forums about the web I see many people cannot make them work. Usually that is because the inf file was made for a different language version than that of the driver they downloaded. International is a different language than English-USA-only. Here is a brief reminder how to install drivers using a modified inf file.

1) Download the drivers you want to install. They must be for correct operating system.

2) Try to install them, watch where they are extracting to, the installation fails, and you click ok.

3) Take the modified inf file and paste it in the Display.Driver folder within the directory where your drivers extracted to in step 2 above.

Let it replace the file of the same name which is already there.

4) Now find the setup.exe file in that directory where your drivers extracted to in step 2 and run it.

5) It should work now and you're done.

However if it fails and says something like "files are missing" you may need to download a different language version of the drivers than that of the one you downloaded before to make it work with your chosen modified inf file. If your modified inf file failed with the English-USA-only version try your inf file with the International version of the drivers, or vice versa.

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Great tips. Whenever possible, mobilenvidia bases the modified INF on the international version of the drivers.

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