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9100g new drivers


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hi all !

Its my first post but i came ofter to see what you all doing and its really good ^^ and to be honest your my last hope ^^

i would ask a strange question maybe but i dont know what else i can do so first let me explain my issues

i have an peace of s*** of acer 7530g with two graphic cards the integrated one is a 9100g and the second one a 9600gs the two carts works on hybrid sli (appearently only hybrid power ).

since the famous 280.26 update ,i can't install it and when a take one of your modified inf the computeur run with drivers but i loose my laptop screen (i have to connect a screen on hdmi ) i suppose that my screen is connected to the 9100g which is ,i think, the main element that cause problems (maybe a particular model )

so i 'm looking to solutions to be able to updates my drivers

so my first question is the folowing

maybe do you know a solution to that ? ^^

the second question is more complicated !! I had an idea which is maybe totally stupid but i prefer ask than stay ignorant

i though maybe i can change the id of my graphic card to a other model using the same chip (maybe 9200g) to be able to install new drivers

what do you think about that ?

thats all for my questions i thank you by adance anyone motivated to help me ^^

ps :sorry for english faults it's not my native language ! ^^

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