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Modding Sony NVIDIA .inf Files


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Many thanks to all who contribute to this forum. The information here has helped me modify the Sony released Vista 98.13 driver to work on my old Vaio VGN-S4XP for which there is no Vista or Win 7 support from Sony. I have almost tripled my Win 7 Experience Index and I even got the smartdimmer and Fn key dimming working!

However, I would like to go further and modify a more recent Win 7 specific driver, say, 187.83, but I don't fully understand the tweaks Sony have made to the stock Nvidia drivers. These include msdv.inf, FAEIDS, 16BPP, etc. Also, they don't have any 32 bit Win 7 drivers I could use as a base. Can anyone share their knowledge or point me in the right direction?

Finally, I would like to share how I modded the Vista driver, where would you suggest I post this? I was thinking the 98.13 Vista 32-bit thread....



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Thanks for the link, but I had already tried some of those. The modded inf is missing from some and whilst the others install, I don't get any of the screen brightness controls in power options, mobility centre or the Fn keys. I guess I will have to continue with my struggle to reverse engineer the Sony inf....

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You DONT really need a modded INF for any on that list, and I found with my vgn-ar870 8600 M, the 257.41 drivers gave me brightness control

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Thanks again. You should note that I did try the non-modded INF first with all the drivers I have tried so far, but they would not install. I did try the 257.41 as you suggested, but again the non-modded INF did not work.

You will see from my profile that my very old Vaio has a GeForce Go 6200 TC card and from what I have read on this forum it is one of the cards you MUST use a modded INF on unless you install the laptop manufacturers provided drivers.

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The driver has nv_whql.inf with support for many neglected gfx cards including yours, so you dont need to use a modded anything

%NVIDIA_DEV.0167.01% = Section003, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0167
NVIDIA_DEV.0167.01 = "NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200"

Why its not installing is a mystery to me, try using pnputil.exe...to do so open a cmd prompt and type

pnputil -i -a nv_whql.inf

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Right, I tried 257.41 again and after a lot of searching I found the INF that you refer to hidden in the file additional_infs.zip. Once extracted to the main folder the driver installed. Thats the good news. The bad? No brightness controls at all. Not in Power Options, Mobility Centre or keyboard shortcut.

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