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NVidia driver 301.33 for the GTX 690 card is out over at Gigabyte site. It comes in Win7, Vista, and XP flavors. Its default inf file contains strings for the GTX 670, 680, and 690. This driver is from same driver family (07) as the last unified driver 301.24 as you can see in the driver details below.

Link to driver: http://www.gigabyte....205&dl=1#driver

Modified inf file for this International driver, Win7/Vista 64-bit, desktop cards only: http://www.mediafire...by67zoir6zyzxx4

Driver 301.10 is r300_68-51 DriverVer = 03/17/2012,

Driver 301.24 is r301_07-12 DriverVer = 04/03/2012,

Driver 301.25 is r301_07-14 DriverVer = 04/04/2012,

Driver 301.27 is r300_00-111 DriverVer = 04/09/2012,

Driver 301.32 is r300_00-124 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.33 is r301_07-24 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.34 is r301_07-38 DriverVer = 04/27/2012,

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