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Y550 drivers issues

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Laptop: Lenovo Y550

GPU: Nvidia 240m

Issue: Error code 43 on new drivers.

I've repeated tried to update graphics drivers on my lenovo ideapad y550 240m nvidia card. it worked fine up untill anything above 266.58. install is fine, then when i reboot it says that the device hyas stopped working (my video card) in device manager. Tried installing 285 or newer driver and get the same problem.

This is the exact error I get

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

after installing the drivers.

I have tried several drivers for Windows 7 x32 and tried on Windows x64, same story. No drivers since 266.58 early 2011 working.

Nvidia support said, they can't do anyting with that. They said i can only blame Lenovo, that there're not updating drivers fo "older" cards :-/.

Person for lenovo live chat support after i explained him that issue, said he can try to help me find "working" drivers for only 58$ premuim support fee ( one time ).

I have searching for the fix more then month now. I have searched several forum and saw "several" peaoples with that issue and not only with 240M card.

Hope any1 can help me with that.

Tried also drivers from laptopvideo2go.com with same story. Only drivers version 266.58 and below working :-/. Nvidia knows the issue since 2011 but don't have time i guess to fix it. Lenovo can do it but don't wan to waste the time to fix it ^^

Is that hard for them to just compare working drivers with not working drivers on few laptops models and make a fix.

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Hello, I have the same issue. Could you please release proper drivers/inf for GeForce GT 240M on your site?




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