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Which drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS?


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Hi there.

First of all, I would like to apologize for my poor attempt at describing my issues, as english isn't my native tongue and I may lack the knowledge of certain words.

Long story short:

- A few months ago, the dreaded "nvlddmkm.sys failure" rose its ugly head on my laptop. It went worse & worse (and I failed at fixing it) until some day Window Vista just switched off my Chipset whereas my system became awfully unstable (random blue screens, failure at launch).

- A friend of mine told me to, well upgrade my system (that is going to Seven) in the process, so I did that.

- Now, my Laptop works like a charm, boots smoothly and I hadn't have any CTD/blue screen yet. So that issue is fixed I guess.

- YET, according to Seven, I don't have any chipset. No drivers. Nothing. Only the standart VGA thingie.


I would like to get my chipset back. Or at least be sure of its status: is it physically dead/damaged? Or is it a software/driver issue?

Here's my question: which drivers do you advise me? Which are the most stable for my rig?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Well, I am guessing your version of Win7 is 32bit, correct? In that case Nvidia suggests using http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/42587 that is the 296.10 version of the mobile driver. However, IF there is no video card listed in 'Device Manager' then the driver will fail to find said device and not install.

Is there a chance that your video card has just fried/died? A 8600M GS is, like, a REALLY old card it may have reached the end of its life.

I have a HP DV9500t CTO notebook with a 8600M GS, but I totally baby my notebook and it lives on and plays SWTOR @ playable FPS.

Good Luck

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My Seven version is actually 64 bits.

As if my card is dead or not, I actually haven't the slightest clue. I must say I don't know how just to know it...

Would my laptop boot if it were dead? Currently, under Seven, I'm under a standard "VGA graphic card" thingy. BUT my chipset is detected when I do a rig sweep using some tools. So there it is, but not in the eyes of Seven.

I just don't know if it's a software/lack of drivers issue or a hardware one.

So I guess I could give this site's 296.10 drivers a try?

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News from the front:

When I do install these drivers, they are recognized as well as my Graphic Card that rises from the dead.


If my laptop isn't instable the way it was when I was on Vista, it's still highly frantic as soon as my GC is used...

Flickering images, glitches, some minors, some majors.

I made a little try on Carriers at War, a not very greedy game:

From this:


to this:


Making the whole thing quite unplayable and unstable.

I must say, even if I don't play rig-greedy games, I do not dare to test it on more demanding games.

I can't also properly access Nvidia Control panel: it freezes when I try to access the 3D "aperçu", the window when the 3D Nividia Logo is spinning where one can properly set its preferences.

What's your guess guys?

What I fear, that is a dead graphic card? Or wrong drivers?

As for the moment, I'll uninstall these ones and go back to my smoothly-running graphic card lacking system, waiting for your advices.

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Any advice anyone?

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Possibly the card is broken - the 8.xxx chips had lots of problems as heat expansion/contraction cycles tended to break the solder joints.

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