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NVidia driver 302.59 is available in the NVidia developer downloads. It comes in Windows 7, Vista, and XP flavors. The driver family is one I've never seen before. Some quick testing with a GTX 680 on Win7 64-bit has shown me that this driver has same IQ and performance characteristics as the 00 family of drivers. Color palette a bit more faded when in a game and it looks like some extra aliasing is going on. Although min, avg, and max fps are pretty much the same in Heaven Benchmark Dx 9 tests the dips and spikes are in slightly different places. It is likely that many people will still prefer the 301.40 driver for gaming for now.

Driver 302.59 for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit Desktop Cards only: http://www.mediafire...qot9bdk2ks58s21

Driver 301.24 is r301_07-12 DriverVer = 04/03/2012,

Driver 301.25 is r301_07-14 DriverVer = 04/04/2012,

Driver 301.27 is r300_00-111 DriverVer = 04/09/2012,

Driver 301.32 is r300_00-124 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.33 is r301_07-24 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.34 is r301_07-38 DriverVer = 04/27/2012,

Driver 301.40 is r301_07-60 DriverVer = 05/09/2012,

Driver 302.59 is r302_cuda-20 DriverVer = 05/04/2012,

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