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ATI 3450 on FS M3438G

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Hi Everyone!

So finally my M3438 is almost dead now but I still don't wanna let it go :)

I baked my 6800go few times already and each time it works less and less.. one day it won't help so I decided to buy new videocard but found only one suitable (I thought so at least) - Ati HD 3650 MXM II 256MB DDR3 made for Acer notebooks. Yes, I know it's MXM II and my old 6800 is MXM III but I've read on some forum that some lucky guy put HD3650 into M3438 and all works fine or maybe he's just a good liar. When I put mine card and properly modified heatsink and attempted to switch on my notebook - it just couldn't even start, leds lit for a few seconds and then everything switches off.

So is it true that MXM II card just won't work instead of MXM III?

I've tried to replace original FS bios with AW or Uniwill bios but no success, PC boots up but after "runme" command nothing happening.. maybe I'm trying to flash it with wrong bios? Which one I should use?

P.S. Excuse my English

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