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AlienRespawn Disk is Full


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Alright, so. Check it out.

I got an issue several days ago and had to reinstall Windows 7, which I did. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I had to use a M17x R3 disk while I just have an M17x. I installed the drivers that were already located on the drive and they worked great. Windows Updates asked me to restart my comptuer, so I did. Annnd.. my computer's performance dropped by about 4/5. I couldn't even run graphics half as well as they did before I installed the updates.

So, me being the stupid person I am, I decided to reinstall Windows 7 again, using the same disk. This time, the stock NVIDIA drivers, which had worked great the first time, could not install. Their installers said "could not find compible hardware". Three days and many fruuuustrating hours later, I've tried everything to fix that. Modded INF files, modded driver files.. I tried every solution I could find during my search, and none worked. I decided to wipe the harddrive and restore it to factory condition.

Now here's the actual problem I want help with (unless you can assist me with the above. but again, I've tried almost everything)

I had to install AlienRespawn again from http://alwdownload.a...ownload-en.html , and the installer worked great until it asked me to restart my computer. I did so, and it launched normally and everything, but after "preparing my hard drive" for several minutes, it said my disk is full. I have 334 GB free. I looked that up for two hours and have found no solutions. I would sincerely appreciate any help. And please bear with me, I'm not very skilled with this kind of.. maintenance, I guess..?

Thanks in advance,


  • Dell Alienware M17x
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G -- Path is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0862&SUBSYS_02A11028&REV_B1\4&1BA9F542&0&0080
  • I have the driver 296.10 installed but it's peforming no better than 280.26.
  • My CD-reader thing is broken but I have an external USB burner/ripper from "LiteOn" that served me well during the WIndows 7 reinstallation
  • Windows 7 OS
  • All NVIDIA drivers beyond 280.26 say there is no compible hardware, and if I install them with modded INFs, they make no difference.
  • And the problems started on my birthday. Pity me :<

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