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Engineers, designers, and content creation professionals are constantly being challenged to find new ways to explore and validate more ideas—faster. This often involves creating content with both visual design and physical simulation demands. For example, designing a car or creating a digital film character and understanding how air flows over the car or the character's clothing moves in an action scene.

Unfortunately, the design and simulation processes have often been disjointed, occurring on different systems or at different times.


NVIDIA Maximus-powered workstations combine the visualization and interactive design capability of NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs into a single workstation. Tesla companion processors automatically perform the heavy lifting of photorealistic rendering or engineering simulation com######tion. This frees up CPU resources for the work they are best suited for – I/O, running the operating system and multi-tasking – and also allows the Quadro GPU to be dedicated to powering rich, full-performance, interactive design.

Designers and engineers can now perform simultaneous CAE, rendering or structural/fluid analysis on the same system being used for design work. And content creation professionals can perform faster video editing, effects and animation.

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