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Thanks to Pieter and Teraphy for all the work they put into modding the inf files. Toshiba also stopped the driver development for my 5205 at 36.x, which is not really satisfactory. All the infs worked like a charm so far for me, and for my GeforceGo 460 I guess I can say that the 4x.xx drivers seem to get better all the time, while the 5x.xx just suck. Worst performance ever.

Sascha :)

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Thanks Sascha,

We do it to keep our selves off the streets.

4x.xx drivers are probably the fastest for NV18 and lower with DX8.1

5x.xx drivers are really meant for NV28 and higher and DX9.

47.12 might just be the last 4x.xx driver.

Enjoy the new surrounds,


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Positive feedback is always good :) Much appreciated and glad we can help.

For Dell, the drivers have been few and far between. They jumped from a 2x.xx release to a 4x.xx release. Despite the 36.xx being the last official driver I think you're still in the running for a newer driver because the 56.54 has your video/system combo in the Toshiba INF file.

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