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The drivers dont recognice my card in Win8 64 RP


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Under Windows vista or Windows 7 I'm able to install the LV2Go custom drivers but unter Windows 8 it looks like I don't have a compatible card for the driver.

My steps to get a driver working:

1- Search for the driver filtering OS and card id (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A34&SUBSYS_01211025&REV_A2)

2 - Download de driver and the modded inf

3 - Replace the modded inf inside the apropiate driver's folder

4 - Execute the Setup or use the method "Use disk" in the device.

5 - It works

I do the same under Windows 8 but It looks like I have no graphic card suitable for the driver.

How could I make it work?

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I believe I have tried some WHQL drivers for windows 8. They are supposed to be signed, arent they?

So your method isnt useful for me, right?

I'm using generic windows 8 drivers (not the ones that matches DEV_ID, because there is no drivers for 0A34). Is this an obstacle?

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You may get signed drivers but as long as you use the modified inf to support your card then the driver will no longer be signed. Which means that unless you install an untouched driver that supports your card, you will need to use modified inf and boot windows with driver signing disabled.

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