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Teraphy did all the hard work in converting the old database to this.

nVison is also Teraphy's it was also the name of his previous Forum altough with all the phpBB2 advertising it was easy to miss.

I just host these pages, it's good to be add free and somewhat quicker as well.

Plus with Invision forum we should be able to do alot more for you guys, as it's a more powerful Forum.

Enjoy the new site.


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Little do people know, Pieter was slave driving me to switch it over. No sleep and food for a week! :)

Actually, it was easier than I imagined. Invision Board actually had a conversion tool from phpBB so that helped. Plus in the process I gained a LOT of SQL knowledge. The only thing lost in posts were the attachments and after fixing a few other minor hiccups I think it's smooth sailing from here.

Being ad free is a major plus for many people. This also means other features will work as intended -- particularly Emails. So, all-in-all thanks go to Pieter for hosting :)

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