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unable to update since 285.62 driver..


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hi, i have a Dell Vostro3500 with a gpu geforce 310M ( PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A75&SUBSYS_044E1028&REV_A2 ). this laptop setup has a gpu switchable suit (hybrid) where it changes between the dedicated to the discrete gpus. there is no option to turn it this off via the BIOS (i tried everything, even downgrading the BIOS version), the only way is to install a dell version of the nvidia driver (189.something) where it install the driver and the hybrid switch. i was able to update the drivers with the infs mods until the 285.62 version, cause it didn't remove the hybrid switch. but after that version, all newer ones (like 301.42) remove the hybrid switch, so when the computer restarts only the intel dedicated gpu works, while the nvidia geforce isn't accessible (it says 'no driver is connected to VGA card'. i have been trying to work around this for days now, tried changing every inf in the driver update, but no success, plz help me out or give me some tips. tnk u

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Also working to getting the newer Optimus drivers working myself. Apparently with newer drivers with Optimus the switching becomes on demand instead of via plugged/unplugged. If you have any success, let me know.

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